Charcoal Cat

Charcoal cat. I quite like the velvety look charcoal gives. Actually, 'Charcoal Cat' sounds kind of like the name a cat-centric detective series. With a cat detective. Called Charcoal.

Nothing would get past him. Except, of course, for his disastrous personal life because it's all about the job.


  1. Charcoal Cat affects aloofness and says: I've always rather thought I was... *looks nonchalantly at claws*

    Saskia says: Thank you, Jazzy! ^_^

  2. what beautiful eyes he has, I'd hire him to solve my problems xx

  3. ^ If you go into a stylish but empty bar, possibly with jazz music playing in the background, he'll detect you need his mystery solving skills from across the room and will slip you his business card in a needless but never-the-less impressively mysterious way. :P