Summer Swan

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After a bit of an absense in posting over the summer, I'm back with a swan in tow. Made with chalk and strips of tissue paper. And glitter. I always feel the need for a bit of glitter.

If you're following this sporadic blog, I hoep you're having a lovely summer <3

P.S: If, like the horses, this swan were emoting something, what would that be... coyness? Coy Swan? It looks quite peaceful, too. What do you think?


(Possibly) Forlorn Horse

Looking a little less like a unicorn... And not as wistful as Wistful Horse. This one is more... what do you think, forlorn? Woebegone?

'Forlorn Horse' from the 'Horses Depicting Various Inscrutable Emotions' series.

Charcoal Cat

Charcoal cat. I quite like the velvety look charcoal gives. Actually, 'Charcoal Cat' sounds kind of like the name a cat-centric detective series. With a cat detective. Called Charcoal.

Nothing would get past him. Except, of course, for his disastrous personal life because it's all about the job.


Wistful Horse (s'very wistful)

But what is it wistfully thinking about? We'll never know.

First attempt to draw a horse... the horse has said I coloured it too much like a unicorn and it feels rather offended. I can only apologise.


Rabbit Magic

What do you get when a rabbit tries to do magic?

Another rabbit! To the confusion of both of them. The rabbit magician is, however, looking for any willing pocket-sized people to take the job instead. Polly Pockets are exempt as, he says, they're a bit too small.

The show was otherwise successful, and featured a guest appearance from Poorly Drawn Top Hat!


Little White Rabbits

I tried to sketch some wee bunnies just with one white pencil; I have no idea what the second one is doing, possibly tipping off the edge of something and pondering thoughtfully why that is happening.


May, More Bears!

Teddy bears again, but this time drawn with pastels rather than paint.

 Plantagenet, left - Alexander, right.Click to enlarge!

You'll recognise these bears by now, I'm sure!

I'm on my summer break now, so I'm going to set myself the challenge of drawing or doing something for this blog at least once a week. Let's see if I can manage it!


Have A Hare!

A sort of, kind of, belated Easter-related drawing. Only 'sort of' because apparently I couldn't tell the difference between a hare and a rabbit until after I'd drawn it.

(as always, click to enlarge!)

Maybe that's why he looks a bit miffed - all the attention is on rabbits at the moment, and everyone's like "Hare who?". Well, he's still a fine looking chap, and maybe this portrait will cheer him up...