Summer Swan

(click to enlarge)

After a bit of an absense in posting over the summer, I'm back with a swan in tow. Made with chalk and strips of tissue paper. And glitter. I always feel the need for a bit of glitter.

If you're following this sporadic blog, I hoep you're having a lovely summer <3

P.S: If, like the horses, this swan were emoting something, what would that be... coyness? Coy Swan? It looks quite peaceful, too. What do you think?


  1. I hope you're having a fun summer! I love swans~ I think yours looks so nice with the tissue paper details. Is he coy, or just shy? Hehe.

  2. Beautiful swan, I think he looks.... coy and slight bashfulness xxx

  3. Hi Lyndall! I am, although UK weather has officially decided it's Autumn now, just as well I like Autumn, I can get out my fingerless gloves again - yay! Hope your summer is lovely, too!

    Swans are gorgeous, I'm glad you like the tissue paper effect, I like making drawings 2-D!

    Anon, thank you! I think you and Lyndall are right, he's shy/bashful and... I think modest! Modest Swan!