Fennec Foxes

The other day, I came across what are quite possibly the strangest, cutest foxes in the world, Fennec Foxes! They are tiny little nocturnal foxes which dwell in the Sahara, and have a pretty amazing pair of ears!

Overloaded with the cuteness, naturally I had to try and draw them:

(click to enlarge)

First attempt, using charcoal and pencil.

(click to enlarge)

Second attempt, using charcoal, pencil, and a bit of white chalk.

Apparently some people actually keep them as pets - arggh, *want want want*!


  1. Awwwwhhh these makes my heart and belly feel all warm from the inside to out. x hivennn

  2. Aww, and your comment has made me feel all warm inside! Thank you! <3