Cardboard Bunnies

I've been a little busy with studying recently, and so haven't had much time to do anything arty, except for this:

Two bunnies on cardboard, drawn with pastels!

Sigh, I should really make it my New Year's Resolution to update this blog more often!



  1. Don't stress too much, it's great you're keeping yourself creative in one way or another! I really miss working with pastels, the range of effects you can acquire with them is quite astounding. I love how you chose to draw on cardboard instead of regular paper. And I adore the subtle hints of blue in their white fur!

  2. Heleen, thank you for your kind comments! I've just started experimenting with pastels recently, and I really like how cardboard gives it a texture/roughness that regular paper doesn't, I like the sketchyness of it (and it's also better for people *points at self* who are a bit rusty at drawing!)

    I dd vow to update far more in 2011, so watch this space :D

    Thanks again!